Integrated System of Transformative Design

HAKAMANA is a powerful tool which enables you to co-create robust solutions to complex problems.

The Framework

HAKAMANA is a process of design and evaluation which integrates ancient indigenous wisdom with modern methodologies. The focus is on the interaction and interrelationships between key components and people. Mapping these relationships through the HAKAMANA framework allows us to create robust solutions to complex problems.

Foundation / Etymology

HAKAMANA is informed by the sounds and words of the ancient Polynesian language: I - O - E - A - U. These sounds of creativity are 'verbs' and 'nouns', and simultaneously represent both processes and outcomes.

These sounds communicate states:

  • of relationship, creativity and potentiality
  • of constancy on the one hand
  • of dynamic change on the other
  • that embody transformative processes

The word HAKAMANA is derived from many important elements, including:

  • HAKA - the 'dance of life and energy' - animation / activation
  • MANA - the power, strength and authority, leadership
  • HAKAMANA - the creative process of realising one's power

Applications / Case Studies

The HAKAMANA framework can be used in any context, and has been applied across a range of sectors. These include creative, health, technology and education, with case studies listed below.

Fanau Ola Healthcare

Fanau Ola Healthcare is family centered patient healthcare that includes their fanau / family members in their first circle of care.

Intention: To design and implement a healthcare solution for Pacific patients with complex health and social needs.

Outcome: Fanau Ola has successfully contributed to improved health and longevity, and decreased hospital services utilisation for thousands of patients across Auckland, New Zealand.

Pou Kapua Carving

Pou Kapua is the largest Maori / Pacific Pou carving in the World, standing at over 80ft tall, located in Auckland, New Zealand.

Intention: To create a cultural legacy, the largest Maori / Pacific Pou carving in the world, a symbol and icon of culture and sovereignty.

Outcome: The HAKAMANA framework was successfully used to define and bring together all of the associated parties and resources, ensuring the project was a success.

Samoa NHS - M&E Framework

Samoa National Health Services (NHS) provides health services for the whole of Samoa, and require robust solutions to achieve better health for all.

Intention: To develop a monitoring and evaluation (M&E) framework for Samoa NHS that is centred on the vision and values of the people of Samoa.

Outcome: The design, development and implementation of a whole-of-systems M&E framework aligned with their corporate plan, that included key elements for sustaining better health outcomes.

Smart Path Technology

Smart Path is a communication and efficiency tool, aimed at empowering patients and medical staff alike.

Intention: To work with the Smart Path team to create a digital tool which empowers patients and healthcare staff to communicate and collaborate across all levels of healthcare.

Outcome: A cloud based tool which allows patients and medical staff across the sector to communicate, collaborate, and share data in real-time, co-designed with IDESIGN MEDIA based on their Path technology.

MANA VR Collective

Honouring Cultural & Creative Genius in Reality and Virtual Reality

A collaboration between Hakamana, Pou Kapua Creations, Reality Virtual, IDesign Media, the MANA VR Collective are a culturally diverse Maori / Kiwi / Pacific team comprising entrepreneurs, technology experts and artists who are passionate about the innate value of storytelling. Through our Planet Maori Manukura, Te Mana Raraunga (Maori Data Sovereignty Network), Maori ICT Network, Industry Alliances, University of Auckland, and Auckland University of Technology networks, we have extensive multi-tribal, multi-institutional, and multi-sectoral support connections across New Zealand and internationally.

The MANA VR Collective has a unique skillset that integrates cultural identity, data science and analytics, the latest in VR and immersive experience technologies, platform design and development, media production, and brand strategy. Combining great process methodologies with the latest digital innovations we create beautiful, bespoke, meaningful VR and digital experiences.

See our profile to learn more about the MANA VR Collective online here.

Downloads / Resources

You can download supplementary material on HAKAMANA and some of its applications below.

HAKAMANA Presentation
Provides an overview of the HAKAMANA approach
A comprehensive background to the HAKAMANA framework
Demonstrates success in high needs healthcare settings
Systems of Evaluation
Published chapter discussing Maori and Pacific models
Fanau Ola Presentation
Provides an overview of the Fanau Ola healthcare
Fanau Ola Evaluations
Comprehensive, quantitative and qualitative evaluations
Smart Path Brochure
Outlines the Smart Path automated healthcare technology
Smart Path Poster
A poster showcasing the Smart Path technology
Tania Wolfgramm Profile
Profile for Tania Wolfgramm, founder of Hakamana

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Contact Details

If you would like to apply the HAKAMANA system to your situation, contact Tania Wolfgramm to discuss your needs.

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